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How does this work?

WIND ELECTRICITY IN DENMARK 1977-2020 shows patterns of wind turbines installed ?and taken down ?in Denmark over the years in combination with total consumption of electricity and gross energy.

Map - choose a year on the graph, move the mouse over the blue dots on the map and you discover specific information about each wind turbine (Manufacture, Built, Capacity, etc).

Graph ?move mouse over the graph and follow the values for wind electricy production and consumption of electricy and energy changing in the box at the right.

Filters ?choose height, cepacity or manufacture and select a range/company to discover the map changing.

For more information, contact Rune Kirt or +45 26188776.

Development of interactive model commissioned by KIRT THOMSEN a visual R&D consultancy

Concept by Peter Lemcke Frederiksen, Rune Kirt, Trine Petersen, Antoni Kaniowski during Big Data Viz - data visualization academy Copenhagen 2013.

Programming by generativestuff & Rohit Sharma
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